Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Trades Wednesday 5/1

Shorted this one yesterday for a nice $140 profit and kept it on watch for today.
As soon as market opened it jumped up to 3.30 and then started coming down.
I shorted it @ 3.14 with under 3 as a target.
It took pretty much all day but I finally got 3 crack and was able to get out @ 3.95

Shares Played: 1000
Profit/Loss: + 190

Tried to play it after a big run past 3 on what I thought was a dip before continuation higher.
Ended up not really working out but I cut loss small with a stop limit @ 2.99.
Will keep on watch for tomorrow if it breaks over 3 again.

Shares Played: 250
Profit/Loss: - 20

So far this week is going great. I am up 3 days in a row and going for a ful week of green hopefully.
Clearly the reason I am profitable this week is because I am cutting my losses short.
Gonna try to keep it up for last 2 days of the week and that will be a great start to May.

Profit/Loss Day: + 170