Monday, April 8, 2013

What Is A Trading Room?

A Trading Room is a Community of Traders That Works Together in Order to Maximize Returns and Improve Market Awareness

Q: How do I use the trading room to make money?

A: Live buy & sell alerts are provided all day by full time traders, these can be followed closely or used to base your trades off.

Q: I am completely new to the market and have no idea where to start, can I still benefit from SFB Trading Room?

A: Absolutely, our main focus at SFB is to teach you and make sure you understand why you are trading the stocks we alert. We have hours and hours of educational material for members on our website as well as live webinars twice a month.

Q: Do I need to be in front of my computer all day to make money?

A: Short answer is no, we have many successful members who work full time jobs and are still able to make great returns in our room. We are adding tons of new features as well and a daily swing trade newsletter will be coming soon.

Q: What sets your room apart from other trading rooms?

A: Of course everyone thinks that their trading room is the best, but we have an incredible sense of community in our room that I guarantee would be hard to find anywhere else. We are all there to help each other make money and the relatively small size (20-30 active members) of the room gives it a much more personal feel. If you ever have any questions while you are trading, we are always available to work with you until you have a full understanding. 

Q: How long do you typically hold stocks for?

A: We are daytraders and therefore generally get in and out of positions in the same day. We do swing stocks from time to time and are usually holding a few swings while day trading.

Q: Is this an option for me if I am starting with less than $1,000?

A: Yes, we have an affiliation with a broker that lets you daytrade with any amount over $500 as well as getting 6x buying power. For more information on that click here

Here is a quick example of one of our trades!