Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Trades Tuesday 4/30


Bought this when the high was 2.39 and it was at a dip down at 3.33
Thought that it would head back toward hod and break through to 2.50.
I was right about it going up and breaking high of day but held out for the 2.50 and lost.
Oh well just another lesson about taking profit but I did not get many shares so I wanted to hold.
Need to remember to set stop to even when I'm up on a trade.

Position Size Played: 400
Profit/Loss: - 56


Bought this one after it broke 4.10 and dipped back down. I had originally planned on setting stop
if 4 failed but decided to wait for bounce. Ended up deciding that the bounce was not coming and selling at 3.95 for a small loss.

Position Size Played: 500
Profit/Loss: - 45


Chased this one a little bit but I really liked the look of the chart and thought it could hit 6. Got up to 5.96 but dropped from there so I never got my 6 and ended up selling at 5.84 for a small loss.

Position Size Played: 350
Profit/Loss: - 10


This one popped up on my scanner as one of the biggest movers of the day. I saw it was up almost 100% on gap up and it was making it's way down. I saw that 3 already cracked and then it had a little bounce so I got in at 3.19 looking for another 3 crack and hopefully a collapse to fill the gap. Did not get below 3 again but covered at 3.06 for a nice profit

Position Size Played: 1000
Profit/Loss: + 130

Overall pretty happy with today. Had 3 losing trades which is alot for me in a day but I cut the losses pretty small on all of em and was able to make all that money back and more on TTHI at the end of the day. If I waited for a bounce on all the stocks that I sold for a loss I'd be in a worse position right now and would not have had the money to play TTHI. Overall happy with how today went, almost lost the $150 I made on Monday but got it back so looking to keep building my account value tomorrow.

Profit/Loss Day: + 20